Each member's obligation is to give 2 “qualified” referrals per month
(This is the minimum requirement. Most members far exceed the required number)

Giving referrals is a TWO-PART PROCEDURE.

1.   Send an email to the member you are giving the referral to and provide them with the name, description of referral and telephone number when possible. If you do not know the email of the member, you may find this information on the member directory:

  • VERY IMPORTANT: You MUST “CC” THE EMAIL to referrals@russianconnectionsnetwork.com. This is how the board of directors will track your referrals and make sure you are given credit for the accurate number of referrals.

2.   Make a note of the referrals you give and announce them at the next Zoom meeting

Additional information about referral obligations and requirements:

  • Any member giving only 3 “qualified” referrals in one quarter will be given a warning for one quarter wherein the member must meet all other membership requirements. (The required number per quarter is 6 “qualified” referrals

  • Any member giving no referrals or only one “qualified” referral for one quarter will result in immediate termination of membership

  • A “qualified” referral is intent for opportunity to do business with another. The qualified referral must be expecting communication from the recipient, have the desire/need for their services and have the means and opportunity to do business with them

 Examples of “unqualified referrals”
* Referring someone who lives in NY to receive chiropractic care and treatment in FL (This referral does not have means or opportunity to treat in Florida if they live in New York)
* Referring someone to an RC member who is not expecting a call
* Referring someone to a doctor who has no interest in switching from their current medical provider
* Conversion is not required. In other words, if the referral is qualified but the person chooses not to do business with the RC member because of price or any other reason it is still counted as a “qualified” referral

NOTE: If a member receives an “unqualified” referral from any member, they are required to email any Board Member with the name of who gave the referral and state why it was unqualified and, if appropriate, it will be deleted from the statistics as a qualified referral

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