Russian Connections
    Business Referral Group in Miami 

It's not what you know... It's who you know!!!

member benefits

There are many benefits of membership with Russian Connections


  • MEETINGS take place bi-weekly on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at 8:30 a.m. via Zoom which allows you to become acquainted with your fellow members and increase the exposure of your business. You will also have the benefit of marketing your business to guests who attend member meetings.
  • Members have EXCLUSIVITY. You will be the only member within your area of expertise.  For example, there will only be one real estate agent, one mortgage broker, one dentist. If you have a broad profession such as an attorney, there will only be one attorney per specialty, such as one personal injury attorney, one family law attorney and one immigration attorney. The same will hold true for doctors and other professions which have a broad spectrum.
  • Get REFERRALS. Russian Connections is a leads group which requires members to give a minimum of 2 referrals per month, thereby keeping members engaged in consistently bringing value to the group and it’s members. Most members far exceed the minimal requirements and are truly committed to helping each other grow their respective businesses.
  • It’s not WHAT you know… It’s WHO you know. The RELATIONSHIPS build between the members of Russian Connections are second to none. Members have become a close-knit family who are not only committed to helping each other grow their businesses, but are there to support each other in every way.
  • You will have the opportunity to give a 60 second COMMERCIAL at every member meeting
  • Each member will have the ability to deliver a 10 minute PRESENTATION showcasing their business on a rotation basis.
  • Each member will receive an exclusive listing on the Russian Connections WEBSITE under your area of expertise with a direct link to your website
  • Each member will receive promotion via SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Russian Connections will promote the group, its members and the website to deliver added EXPOSURE to all members