Yuliya Leshchinskaya is a certified nutritionist with 20 years of experience. For 18 years she owned Wonders of Nature, a wellness and detox center in Chicago IL. For 20 years she’s hosted a radio show called Academy of Health. Since 2017 Yuliya Leshchinskaya has owned Island of Health, wellness and detox center in Hallandale Fl. Other than Floridian residents people from all over the United States have come to Island of Health for wellness and detox programs. Yuliya Leshinskaya hosts lectures and seminars about a healthy life style on Miami Russian radio as well.

Contact Information

Yuliya Leshinskaya
Island of Health
26 Diplomat Pkw
Hallandale, Florida 33179
Office: (305) 916-1248
Cell: (224) 628-2144

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