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Russian Connections
    Business Referral Group in Miami 

It's not what you know... It's who you know!!!

Alla K. Rios
Law Offices of Steven S. Farbman, P.A.

Lana Ivanov
Empire Title
305-931-4400 ext. 206

Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Each member of the board of directors will be given responsibilities to meet
  • Directors are required to attend all Board Member meetings. Board Member meetings will take place on the Tuesday before the 1st breakfast of every month at 6:00 pm at locations to be determined.
  • Special meeting or emergency meetings for Board Members may be scheduled upon proper notice to all Board Members.
  • Due to time restraints, many discussions and votes/decisions take place via email and telephone. Board Members must participate in all discussions, votes/decisions timely.
  • Any and all communications either written or oral between  Board Members with reference to any and all issues concerning Russian Connections are confidential
  • Any Board Member with unexcused absences from 3 Board meetings in a 12 month period shall be construed to serve as an automatic resignation from the Board.
  • There is no specified term for serving on the Board.
  • If Board Members wish to resign from their Board responsibilities they must give 30 day notice to remaining Board Members
  • A Board Member may be terminated from the Board of Directors for unexcused absences as stated above, not meeting responsibility requirements, failure to timely communicate with the Board on a regular basis via email and telephone, or conduct unbecoming a Board Member. Termination of a Board Member must be by a majority vote of the board.